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  1. Beautiful Ric 620! The walnut looks amazing! I own a Ric 620 in Fireglo & love that guitar. Been looking at the Ric walnut 360's that came out a couple years ago. The wood contrasts really stand out, as in your guitar. Congratulations!!
  2. Hey, Murph. Watched the same show last night! I thought the same thing. No in-ears, no digital anything. I'm sure all the equipment weighed a ton & PA lines were everywhere. No "plug & play" items back then! I noticed a guitar player playing an Ibanez Artist double neck (6 & 12 string) guitar. Haven't seen that in a while. I had an early '80's Ibanez Super Artist that I sold to get a Fender Strat. (I love the Strat but wish I had kept the Super Artist, even though it was solid & heavy.) I still have a 1973 Peavey Pacer amp my parents got for me when I was a young teenager - All solid state but still working after all these years! I was focused on bass at the time & blew out the speaker on it twice (Not a bass amp). Later got a '70's Peavey Bass amp head with a 2 - 15" speaker enclosure. Did the job but weighed a ton! Had plenty of power but a pain to move! The band I was in as an older teenager had an "Acoustic" PA system. It had 2 massive speaker columns with black cushioned "leatherette" covering. Kinda goofy looking but I guess cool at the time. Not sure what happened to that PA... Things definitely not made like they used to be!
  3. A friend of mine just bought a standard Tele: Made in Japan. He brought the guitar by for me to see a couple days ago. Looks like a quality build! I was impressed. ...Congrats!!
  4. From my understanding, lighter fluid is naphtha. I used a Q-tip & rubbed it on the stain but it did not help. ...Thanks for the suggestion.
  5. Well, I tried some naphtha, as I read it has been used in cleaning guitars for a long time but no luck. My wife suggested using Mr. Clean eraser pads & with some elbow grease (& masking tape to protect the finish), it worked!! I destroyed the cleaning pad, as you can see in the 1st pic, but that's what they do. Sometimes its the simple things...there is still a hint of stain but I can live with this!
  6. Pretty cool to see Stevie Ray Vaughan's Strat in the background of one of your pics... Would love to see that exhibit!
  7. Thanks guys! I use the Big Bends nut sauce on my string contact points (Amazing product!), so will try their paste product from them next. I fear it has been absorbed into the binding as Twang Gang mentioned, as nothing to this point has helped . Thanks again.
  8. I have a 2005 Rickenbacker 620 in Fireglo & the white binding at the strap button on the top horn has a black smudge stain from a deteriorating strap that I cannot get off the binding. There is also a small dark smudge stain at the strap button on the wood finish. The strap had a black cushioned backing that started deteriorating - some of the black material is flaking off, so I have just replaced it with a plain leather strap. This strap had been used on this guitar for years but I never noticed the stain until last Saturday at a gig where I noticed black smudge all over my shirt where the strap sits. (I always keep the guitar with the strap attached to it in it's case when not used.) I usually play my Les Paul but decided to pull the Ric out for this event. I would appreciate some suggestions to try to remove the stain/smudge. I have used a vinegar cleaner, Goof Off & lemon oil with no results. Hopefully someone has the answer! Thanks!!
  9. Happy Birthday to the most amazing drummer I have ever heard! A total joy to hear...& watch. He makes it look effortless.
  10. I have been there a couple times & spoken to him personally. He really is a nice guy & makes quality guitars. Thought it was interesting when he told me about the headstock of a guitar you make has to be unique for your brand guitar as the headstock shape is "copyrighted" so to speak that identifies a particular brand so it has to be different from all others. I really enjoyed talking with him & hope his guitar building business is successful.
  11. Ohh, so that's how they make the "road worn" reliced guitars? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Seriously though, that was painful to watch. That's just plain wrong, I don't care what the issue was with them ๐Ÿ˜ช
  12. I'm in! Been a Trekkie for years๐Ÿ˜Š. Will be good to see some of the characters back in action. Wondering how 7 of 9 will fit into the mix?
  13. Yes. Just got one a few weeks ago: the C-34 strap https://walkerandwilliams.com/product/walker-williams-c-34-black-and-red-double-padded-premium-leather-strap/. It is a very well made strap that is so comfortable on my shoulder, especially with a heavy Les Paul guitar hanging from it. It is a thick strap & I was concerned about the strap slipping off the guitar so I am now using the Dunlop 7000 strap locks so I can take the strap off the front of the guitar when put in the case (so case will close). I simply lay the strap down the fretboard & over the headstock to close the case. It was a GREAT decision to switch over to this strap - I can now play for hours if needed in comfort, plus it looks great with my wine red Les Paul! So far, no issues.
  14. Brytam

    P-90 Club!!!!

    Thanks for explaining - Sounds like you would get a very unique sound with that setup. I noticed the Y cables connecting each one - pretty cool!
  15. Brytam

    P-90 Club!!!!

    Hey "mihcmac", Tell me about that Roland amp stack...? Haven't seen that kind of setup before. (Great looking guitar as well - love the whammy bar!) Thanks!
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