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Epiphone Coronet - 1959


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Those knobs are pretty awesome.


They are bakelite carousel knobs. This was one of the last years they used them. The pickups and knobs are actually leftover archtop parts from when Gibson bought Epiphone in 1958. They used all of the old Epiphone parts until they were gone, then redesigned most of the guitars with newer technology such as mini-humbuckers and plastic knobs. The pickup on this Coronet is actually a New York single coil pickup. they look very similar to the mini-humbucker, but do not have two coils.


Dont be fooled when you hear Epiphone talk about "New York Mini Humbuckers". There is no such thing. The Epiphone New Yorks were single coiled and the mini-humbucker was actually invented by Gibson just prior to the buyout and they were never made in New York.

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