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Martin 1940D28

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I thought as much. I sold one of those for a friend 2 years ago at the Orlando Guitar Expo. If I remember correctly it's a pretty heavy guitar. I recollect thinking I'd have a bit of a sore shoulder after playing it for awhile… good looker for sure.



Yes, JG2. it is a VERY heavy guitar, which some say makes the tone better, but my neck/back don't agree.


In bands in the 80s, I also toted my 80s Strat which was even heavier and the heaviest of the lot - an 80s Les Paul Custom


I am looking sideway at you - that is Tele neck! (my first acoustic was a bit of a brick too) The Gibson Blues king is a dream!




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except it only gets played a couple times a year. Just struggle to find reason to play electrics..


It's funny I have a beautiful wine red 1990 Les Paul Custom and it's lucky if it get played a couple times a year. I almost feel guilty about it just sitting in its case not getting played. I know the day I ever sold it I would be longing for one of those new fancy Les Paul's with the quilt tops. I should sell it to help finance an F5 mandolin or a j45 and never look back.

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