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Anyone know anything about "The Hawk" model?


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This is from The Blueshawk dot info website



The Hawk


The most straightforward and cheapest guitar in the 'Hawk range is "The Hawk". It has in common with the rest of the range, the same body outline and scale length. It also features the same body comfort contour. The control cavity is accessible from the back of the guitar beneath a black plastic cover. Unlike the the rest of the range it has a truss rod cover engraved in script - "The Hawk". The mahogany body and neck and the humbucking pickups will mean that this a more traditionally Gibson sounding guitar than any other in the 'Hawk range - it does however have the same 25.5" scale length as the rest of the range and that will undoubtedly make "The Hawk" more twang-y than, say, an SG.


I can't find any reliable information about when "The Hawk" first appeared in the Gibson catalogue and then when it was withdrawn - if I were to guess I would say that it paralleled the Nighthawk range which were introduced in 1993 and withdrawn finally in 1999. I have no solid basis for saying this but I suspect "The Hawk" sold in rather small numbers - and it is not clear that it sold at all outside the USA.



I hope that helps.


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I had a black one some years back. I cannot recall exactly what I paid for it at the time (too many guitars) but I ended up selling it to buy something else I didn't need at the time.. lol. I recall that it was a good solid guitar and I don't remember having any complaints or issues with it - just wanted something else back then. I know I didn't pay a lot for it which is why I initially grabbed it up - you know anything with Gibson on it for not much money was a good acquisition! :)

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Thanks for the info. I ran the serial number and it came back as:


Your guitar was made at the

Nashville Plant, TN, USA

September 27th, 1996

Production Number: 50


One of the reasons I wanted some info on this guitar is it looks like the headstock laminate is Starting to lift, I will add a pic. I emailed Gibson for a repair quote and was told it would cost between $500.00 and $600.00 to fix. I did not give that much for it to begin with. I guess i will let it relic out.


BTW this site is great!

post-66931-065601800 1409276186_thumb.jpg

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8 hours ago, Erik V said:

I have a 1996 "The Hawk" and I absolutely love it!  It has great tone and playability and holds tune well. That's about all I'm interested in when it comes to a guitar. You can't go wrong with many selling below $1000.

You resurrected this 6-yearl-old thread, bro.  So you gotta post a pic of your guitar.  Rules are rules ... Let's see it!  And welcome!!!

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