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Johnny Rockit

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But wouldn't the label say "ES 335TD" in that case? Or has Gibson changed their convention? Or perhaps they allow drinking on the job (which might explain why their guitars have always been so inconsistent...)?


That's what you might expect. Although the abbreviations in the model numbers are sometimes difficult to work out.


Curiously, looking at the label in the OP, looks like the 5th number is a three to me (01153xxx) - making the guitar a 2003, as JRockit posted. Gibson responding that the guitar is a 2000 is a bit surprising. Apparently a Dot Reissue to boot.


I have some notes on model numbers so I took a look. I see that DT is used to indicate dot markers (as opposed to block markers). So there's an ESTD (thinline dual-pup), or ESDT (dot markers). To make matters even more confusing, I also see in my notes: DP for Dot Plain-top and DT for Dot figured-Top (followed with a question mark, so not quite sure on that - but since I made a note, I saw it somewhere). I see the 1963 ES-335 reissue (with block markers) designated as an ES-335TD


@Johnny Rockit - If the guitar is a Dot reissue with a figured top then ESDT 335 seems to fit. Does the serial start out 01153xxx ?




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