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Premier Guitar did a feature on an early 70s British band I'd never heard of... Patto.

Amazing stuff [thumbup] The guitar player Ollie Halsall was insanely good. Way ahead

of his time. Maybe some of you older Limeys remember these guys? Requisite Gibson content...

he played an SG. Whole album linked below. The solo that starts at 6:11 is just sick.




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Yes. He was definitely a genius. And I don't say that lightly.


The Patto story is very sad unfortunately; Mike Patto died, Halsall died, the other two had a car smash which left the drummer severely injured and the bassplayer with no memory....but they were a great band, 3 albums I think and they had a zany side.

They started as The Timebox and ended as D**k and the Firemen (without Halsall) supporting Clapton at Crystal Palace.


Halsall was also briefly in the Rutles. Very highly rated.


Thankyou for this, it brought back a lot of memories. These links are worth following if you are interested -





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