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Bob Dylan SJ200


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Phew.That's a relief.When I saw the topic post BK I thought you'd sold 5 of those little pickin' guitars to buy a Bob Pearly King special.




Ha! JCV dropped the ball and, you know.... [biggrin]




Probably not in to big guitars so much - I overdid the D28 last night and not that used to it, and gave myself a touch of tennis elbow, so yesterday the J200 looked a great idea, today not so much - staying with the little pickers!



Not sure about 2 guards?




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I was not all that impressed based on the video. I owned a J200 back about fifteen years. It was nice. So is this one. Just... Nice.

In the video It seems the best tony can do to describe it is... "Cool"

I think I'd like to see tony play this versus the 1941 j100 reissue, and the Western Classic, which just might be the coolest looking guitar ever made.


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