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Single coils for firebird?


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I recently bought a firebird, and I absolutely love the way it looks, feels and sounds. However, the amplified tone, whilst absolutely beautiful, is not quite the tone I'm looking for and I think what I need to make it sound exactly as I want is a single coil in the neck position to slightly thin out, brighten and generally just knock down the power of the middle position.


Having come to that conclusion, I did some basic google searches for single coils for a firebird slot, and came up pretty much blank. Can anyone recommend me a pickup manufacturer that makes either firebird-sized single coils or firebird-sized humbuckers that can be tapped?


I'm aware that such a request may be met with responses like 'well if you don't want it to sound like a firebird then get a different instrument' - please try to hold off if you feel the urge to post this! This is not my first guitar, I know what I'm looking for and why and I'd just like some friendly advice on where to find what I'm looking for.


Kind regards,


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I put Pete Biltoft P90s in my Firebird 70s tribute and that was a direct drop in. But yours has pickup rings so you need a mini humbucker size.


The closest to that size P90 I have seen is made by TV Jones but I bet it's not exact.


Searcy makes and works on pickups, maybe he knows.

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P90's and mini-hums used to be the same size, is that an option?


This is not exactly true. The mini-hums fit in a P-90 route with the "collar" adapter, as used on the original Les Paul Deluxe. The "pole-screw" minis used on the LPD were an Epiphone product (acquired in the buyout). I'm not sure of the origin of the Firebird minis, but a P-90 will not fit in a Firebird pickup route.


You might want to look at the "independent" pickup mfg's. I know a couple high-end custom guitar builders that swear by "Kent Armstrong" pickups.

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