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Anybody ever played one? The only other guy I've seen playing one is Glenn Kaiser - back in about 1980 with Resurrection Band (captured in pics on the album Colours).

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They were damn hip weren't they? Have to admit I felt warm all over hearing this again.



Looks like the TB1000 or 1000A (artist). He's making them again - for about $7500 a new one can be yours.


Well...it's not quite the same. Travis Bean passed away in 2011. Originals (there are about 2177 TB1000s and 350 standards) still come up for a bit less. As heavy as an un-weight relieved LP with a flat fingerboard and the ali neck.

Trendy in Europe on account of the guitarist in a band called Biffy Clyro plays one...apart from him, Stanley Jordan and Jerry Garcia used them.

I know a guitarist in Sussex with a nice one.

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