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Tonight's Big Gig


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Well, as I approach 60 years, I occasionally look back at some of the stuff I have done musically in the past. I started off playing on street corners for change, passed the basket for sandwich money at folk clubs, co-produced a couple of records, appeared on a few as a musician, toured, worked for a couple of record companies,and as I aged began to revisit some of my earlier jobs. Playing in parks, dive bars, restaurants, anything I could to keep myself going musically.


A few years ago I moved my family out of the big city (Los Angeles), and back to small sleepy village in the farthest reaches of Western New York state I used to visit as a boy. The place is completely agricultural with several Amish communities. In fact, one of the ways I earn money here in the colder months is as an 'Amish Taxi Driver.'


As I've gotten older I have also reconnected with my spiritual journey and as such have been composing music for our Thursday night services for the last year and a half, and have been sponsored by my local priest to potentially become a deacon in the Episcopal church.


Tonight I got the chance to perform an original song for visiting clergy and the bishop of my diocese at a pre-convention meeting, with my song being the opening benediction.


It may not be a harp and wings, but I am working on it.





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Keep going. Music is for life, you should be able to find something to work at everyday.


I saw Mavis Staples in concert a few years ago.

I had heard of her and a few of her songs, but this was like a religious experience.


Enjoy NY state and get a snowblower, if you didn't get one already. Just take that advice from a life long New Englander. Last year the snow got pretty deep , as you may have seen.


I also feel down last winter and buggered up my shoulder. I'm better now, but it was 5-6 month recovery. Lesson learned, you can never be to careful on snow and ice.




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