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guitar scratch remover polish


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Hello Richie!


I have recently bought the EternaShine stuff. It works as described.hi mate yes it does . i used it on my john lennon ej160e and its fantastic well worth the money. some people think it will remove anything .lol and its not the case it removes light scratches and brings up a great glossy shine

cheers Richie heres a 2 pictures of my guitar the headstock one of a smudge mark above the trust rod cover and another after using the scratch remover


Cheers... Bence

below are 2 pictures one with a smudge above the trust rod cover and another after using the scratch remover

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hi anyone ever had a try at guitar scratch remover polish?? if so just wondered what your thoughts are on the stuff??? i have used it but i want to hear your thoughts first



Hello Richie,


It all depends upon what kind of scratches, I used Planet Waves Restorer, it was recommended on the PRS forum, I used it to take small surface scratches away on a Polyurethane lacquer finish, it works amazingly well. I also used it on my Les Paul, not to remove scratches, but to take away a little of the nitrocellulose lacquer so the surface would no longer be dull and sticky, again it worked very well, the guitar looks and feels much better now. My 2002 Hamer was looking a little dull, again a polyurethane lacquer, I tried it on this and that guitar looks like new again!


I think you are supposed to use it in conjunction with two other products... but the restorer on it's own definitely works. With deeper scratches, they might go right through the lacquer, so I was afraid to just keep wearing away the surface to try to polish those out. I think deeper scratches would require another solution, either cleaning and filling them with super glue, or using acetate to melt the lacquer; please don't try those last two ideas without researching first.


But yes, I fully support looking after the finish on a guitar, a guitar is not 'just' an instrument, it's also a beautiful work of art that needs love and care :)


Some players will think you a bit cranky to spend time on such frivolities!

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