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One Hummingbird TV 2016


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But I don't know if this has been lauched here before - doesn't really matter, it is worth a re-run.


One clearly sense the torrefaction in the looser, more smokey voice than the conventional TVs.


Be happy with this flier, J.D. - well, I'm sure you are. It's one heck of a special guitar.


And hep for sharing - you rrrrrule. . .



Recently ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N04_PPOcuU8

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Lots and lots of potential in that guitar. I'd like to hear it with new strings, however. The Blue Chip pick, by the way takes a lot of the "ring" out of a guitar, particularly when used with older strings.


Beautiful, beautiful guitar in appearance. I'm not a square dread kind of guy, but I'd make an exception for this 'bird.

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