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I wish I worked in a wood shop; instead I'm stuck in a cubical for the most part. Must be nice...


Do like peter gibbons... (office space) and just quit... Wouldnt it be great if we all could just do that and play guitar all day?


(actually a get to play guitar all day 3 times a week, just i never seem to get better at it)

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The tour is awesome, but if you go to the Gibson Internet Group link at the bottom of the page, it takes you to a directory, sort of a site map if you will, of all of the various micro sites that Gibson operates.


Many of the sites I already knew existed, and have been to. But many of the sites were new to me.

I found an online tuner, an online chord finder, contest, accessories and gear. Plus a bunch of other really cool stuff!


This link really should be a sticky on this forum.


Thanks to the original poster for the tour link. I wouldn't have found these other sites without it!

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