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Anyone own a Parker Guitar?


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Parker Fly deluxe... sold it a couple of weeks ago... :-


Had the fixable trem, and the piezo bridge... great guitar, weigthed less than a pedal! And had its back carved, so if all those years of mixing burgers with beer start to show, you can hide it behind this guitar.


The sound was good, not great but good, very well balanced when using both piezo and magnetic pikups. The feature I liked the most is the way you could "fix" the bridge to a given position and forget about it with the turn of a little "wheel" placed conveniently on top (if you look in the back you can see it too) so if you want to loosen it again while playing, you can do it. I have seen only 2 with that feature, dont know how its called.


That's probably the one guitar that should get 11 in a 1 to 10 features scale. Sound: 6 which is good, considering 10 is a moded gibson les paul costing 2 times as much (between the guitar and the mods). Playability? f-kin' 1000 in a 1 - 10 scale. Fastest, most confortable guitar ever.



Just dont get the cheaper models, they are made from different materials and dont have as many features (piezo bridges, fixable trems, high quality pickups).


That giutar is the reason I am going to install a piezo pickup to one of my beauties.

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My wife and duo partner has a Parker PM10 (hornet).


Excellent neck, light weight, coil-tapping pickups, a more traditional body style than the fly, a neck joint done so well you almost need a magnifying glass to see the seam.


Action is superb, tone is very good. Single coil sound not quite as pronounced as a Fender, but I think that is the case with all coil-tapped humbuckers.


For the price, it is one excellent guitar.



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