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Hummingbird Artist inquiry

Jack Young

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I recently purchased a Hummingbird Artist from guitar center and I have a few questions.


1) Why is this guitar not listed in the acoustic 'lineup' on the Gibson page? Has it been discontinued?


2) What gauge strings is this set up for in the factory? It feels like 10s, I prefer 13s, but I'm curious if I will have to get it setup to make the switch or if that's not really an issue.



feedback would be much appreciated. thanks in advance!

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Welcome to the forum.


The HB Artist isn't considered one of Gibson's regular production models. It's a special run made and distributed to certain dealers. That's why you won't find it on the Gibson website.


Everything is shipped from the factory with Gibson Masterbuilt Lights (12's). If you go to mediums, you make to adjust your setup a little.

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