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Hotone Nano Legacy 5 watt amp


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Got this tiny little amp a few days ago and I'm likin' it more every time I plug into it. It's a 5-watt solid state amp that fits in the palm of your hand.

And it sounds like something much bigger. It's supposed to be a simulation of a Mesa Boogie Rectifier. Now I have no idea if it even comes close, because I have never played one myself. However, I have heard some comparisons on youtube, and it sounds pretty close.


And regardless, I really like the way it sounds! It even has an FX loop, headphone output and Aux. input.

The EQ knobs are super responsive, and allow you to tweak this thing into quite a few different tones. It is definitely NOT for those wanting to play "clean". Even on the low gain setting it's still pretty dirty.


They have several different models. Along with the Heart Attack there is a model that is a copy of a Plexi, another is a copy of a Fender Tweed, and so on.


Anyway, if you want to hear it go check it out on youtube. I don't have time to make recordings right now.

Oh, and I got the amp for $100 brand new. It truly is an amazing little amp. It is built very solidly as well. Nothing "cheap" about the materials.

Below the pics I copied the info from Sam Ash.


f71b3ce3-9e40-42ff-a39c-36308e2d0e68_zpsnnliuonj.jpg 06c65441-f52d-4219-97f5-5e6890181841_zpsauidtphu.jpg


Inspired by the Mesa Boogie Rectifier, the Heart Attack offers metal players that classic hard rock high gain sound. You can pull it out of your pocket and unleash an unimaginable mass of energy plugged in, all without losing control. You get that classic Rectifier tone in a low-wattage, ultra-portable package.


The simplified control layout features a single volume, along with a user-friendly 3-band EQ with bass, mid, and treble controls. You will be able to dial up warm, clean tones or a huge overdriven ‘stack’ sound. Speaker out can automatically fit cabinets of different impedances ranging from 4-16 ohms that will drive whichever speaker cabinet you desire. There's even a headphone output for late night practicing, so you can jam into the wee hours of the morning. Additional premium features include an FX LOOP for using external effects, and Master Volume and Gain controls. A 18V DC power supply Adapter is included.

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Yeah they are pretty cool for what they are.. My brother in law has one of the British Invasion ones which I think is meant to emulate (or is that simulate?) a Vox (ac40?).. He loves it


Theres also a cool one called Purple Wind

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Yeah, I have both the Purple Wind and the British Invasion. Been taking one with me to each gig as a spare. If an old Fender amp quits. I can pop the Hotone on top and use the speaker from the Fender combo. For what they are they sound great. Been meaning to do a little clip, just have not had time.

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