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Got my hands on a much sought after 'callback' guitar. There are two guitars for which I actively engage in callback negotiations. This 20 yr old sweet little Martin 5 size 'Terz', and a modified '57 ES-125TC 3/4 size, which I will probably never re-acquire. Doesn't matter, because I'm so grateful the guy I sold this to 7 yrs ago saw my UMGF plea and offered it back to me. Now I'm in deep throes of falling back in love with it, as I'm getting used to the tiny size and voice ( entire length 33", lower bout width 11 and change ), so it's much akin to a baritone uke. All mahogany w/ BR fretboard and bridge. It's rugged, not fragile, for my flat pick part melody single note and strum style, despite it's size.


Tone? Not loud, of course, but very warm with a sound similar to Willie's 'Trigger'. In the seven years since I sold it I've become a different player and found I can now find it's voice. Back then, I couldn't. It's designed to be strung three steps up from standard, but I don't think I'll go past F.


I think Gibson would do well to create a similar model, as they shied away from building a true parlor guitar, and it's subdued woody tone is the Gibson trademark.


You can see the size difference alongside my '31 L0. Big advantage is the inch and 11/16ths nut width for my old paws. Just fun to play.


Howzat for crowbarring?

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