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I'm just discovering the amazing Pete Cosey. Played with Howlin' Wolf, Miles Davis..


Would love to hear any suggested listening or info on his gear. Any fans here care to enlighten me?


Cool player. They used him to rock up the Howlin' Wolf Album and Electric Mud - which I enjoy. The record companies wanted to Hendrix those albums up a bit I think.


And I was just listening again to some of his live recordings with Miles this week.... Agharta and Pangaea... interesting stuff. Much more experimental than the blues albums on which he played - whole album sides of one song with lots of experimental jamming - and the drummer was insane. Miles totally let them cut loose. I have FLAC recordings of those, so I could burn you CDs if you want.

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A total original - the 1975 Miles Davis recordings are probably his high point IMO; Agartha and Pangaea. He joined in '73 and there are an increasing number of live recordings appearing now.


His playing sounds very wild and almost out-of-control at some points, but if you try and play like that it's very hard to make it sound as good as he does.

And it took him awhile - compare the 1973 recordings (e.g. Dark Magus, which has 3 guitarists!) with the 1975 stuff.

There is a video of him in the Davis band (1973) playing with what sounds like a harmonizer, 10 years before such things were available; he is using a 12-string (tuned a 6th up or min 3rd down I think) to get the effect.

He also plays a brilliant solo (about 30 seconds) on the Herbie Hancock track "Future Shock" - worth sitting through just for the solo; on the record he also played guitar through an EMS Synthi A.

Here are links to 3 good articles/interviews.


The last things I have by him are on the 2CD "Miles From India" set. He passed away May 2012.








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Somehow I knew you were gonna be chiming in Pup :)


Man that would be really cool if you could burn me those! Thanks! Do you have the Howlin' Wolf album and Electric Mud too?


Wanna do a little trade for a few germaniums or wha?


Thanks bud!


Yeah, I have those also - they aren't FLAC but they are mp3 at 320 - should sound fine. I'll burn all of those today.

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Thanks guys! I hadn't heard that Herbie Hancock track before. Nice guitar solo indeed. Off topic, but I really enjoy covering the song "Chameleon". It actually works really well on guitar (except for my own shortcomings :) )


Gonna have to check out "Miles from India", I've really enjoyed the stuff I've heard so far with him in Miles' band. Pretty amazing guitar work and musicianship in general. My first instrument was the trumpet, so hearing Miles tear it up through a wah wah pedal is too cool.


That premier guitar article was great. The gear nerd in me just wants to see a pic showing what fuzz pedal he used, but I also assume that he probably had various fuzzes, and I wouldn't sound like him even through the same rig.. Anyway, his fuzz tone in the Howlin' Wolf album is pretty fantastic, and I can play blues stuff pretty well (absolute sub-novice at jazz)



Pup, I know you were curious about building a MKII, I'll have to throw together a transistor set for you to check out. Any other Ge circuits you're looking to build while I'm at it?

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