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What do you folks use to clean your Gibson, especially the VOS finish?


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A super-soft cloth, damp with super-soft water (zero water hardness), and a dry, super-soft cloth for wiping dry again.


Alternatively I breathe on the finish and use a super-soft facial tissue for wiping.


No cleaner, let alone polish.


This applies to any sort of finish, and I have to deal with about half a dozen various polyesters. Most of them are Gibson "nitro" (cellulose dinitrate) coats, the others are different synthetic resins.

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Breath is good on all guitars... [thumbup]


Furniture polish is cheap and good on some guitars...polyester....


Take care with Nitro on Gibson and other guitars...it can be spoilt by solvents in some cleaners and polishes...


There are some water-based polishes like Martin which can be OK on all guitar finishes...but beware of the moisture 'bloom' likely on Nitro finishes...


Some folks use naptha or lighter fuel to clean Nitro...in theory it will cut grease and dirt without dissolving the lacquer...





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I dont clean them as a rule. If I notice some dirt I will breath on it and buff with the microfibre cloth I keep in cases for my strings.


I did have to clean the ES-339 this year after an extremely hot gig. It had got soaked with sweat. It took ages to clean. I wont use a Gibson in those conditions again.

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