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Original song: 'Leaking Out'

Old Neil

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Yes sir! Very nice! Quality recording of a good song, Neil...........impressive!


I hear more Jeff Lynn/ELO influence than Harrison. Very well done, sir!



That made me go check out some Jeff Lynn/ELO stuff. A little of the penchant for harmonies I guess, Buc. He is a brilliant harmonizer, brings it to such an extreme level with so many layers it start to sound like a synthesizer or string machine.


I wrote a simple love song a few years back without drums (guitar, vocals, piano, and one or two atmospheric sounds) that gave me an opportunity to experiment with vocal harmonies. I might post it here before I head out traveling for a month.


And thank you everyone else for your kind feedback on this one. It had been gathering digital dust in my computer so it was fun to listen to it again and see it through other people's eyes.

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