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Greetings from Seattle


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Greetings from Jennysan,

Actually just Jenny but someone else has my name.

After many years, playing many many different guitars, from the expensive to the cheap copies, some great, some good, some not so... I've come to the inescapable realization that the Gibson Les Paul is the greatest solid body guitar in the world. Playing a Les Paul shakes me to my bones like no other. So, I excepted it. I've started trading all my other guitars for LP's and I'm not gonna look back. There. I said it. I'm now going to enjoy my semi retirement, sit back in my sofa with a Les Paul and play the blues, "so help me Johnny!"


"Don't forget to boogie" Bob 'Bear' Hite (RIP)

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Welcome to the forum Jenny! msp_thumbup.gif Glad to have you join this great place. What a beautiful Les Paul. You will find folks here with lots of other guitars but most all here agree on Gibson. I only have one sadly, wish I had more but I've waited over 30 some years to afford the one I have. Bought it right after I decided to get back playing guitar. It's a 2007 Gibson LP Gold Top Standard. And a permanent keeper!

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