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After a hiatus of over twenty years I have returned to playing. I had quite a collection amassed (a '77 (I think)Dove Custom [the one I'll never get over letting go], J-45 [square shouldered, which I loved]a '65 B45 12 string, an old ES-325,one of the first Vintage Reissue Telecasters, a Martin D-28 and an old Rickenbacker electric). I'll spare you the unabridged version and just say I let them all go but the 12 string. I messed up even more when I started playing it again and the passion came right back (this was just before Christmas 2016). Since then I've gotten a '66 LG 0 (in partial trade from the shop I sold all mine to; it was the only old Gibson acoustic he had)and just got a '96 Martin SPD-16. I call myself Rip Van Winkle 'cause so much has changed since I was in the loop...clamp on tuners? Witchcraft!!! Laminate-made guitars? Evil!!! How does a new Martin or Taylor sell for under a grand??!? So much to get used to...

Anyway, since my "First Love" was a Dove, I couldn't NOT sign up here...

I agree w/Hoyt Axton, "I love all musical instruments and those who play and take care of them"

Thanks for having me (if you read this far, thanks even more!) and I look forward to learning and sharing w/y'all



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Welcome Denver to the forums. msp_thumbup.gif Sounds like we were in the same boat. I too sold everything when I got married except the 12 string but eventually let that one go and my amp. I had over thirteen guitars, banjo, steel guitars. Then got back into it again thirty years later and started all over again.

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