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I'm a regular on the Telecaster forums, and since my Gibson/Epiphone collection is growing I may as well jump into the deep end of the pool.


Years ago I traded off my beloved 61' reissue to a friend, and it's the only guitar that I truly miss.


I stopped playing for about 15 years after that, but only kept 2 acoustics and one electric.


In the last 5-6 months I started playing again, and the collection is growing.


I started with getting a few Telecasters, and I'm going to trim down to two, 1. a modern player? Triple (3 nocaster bridge pickups)I added a bigsby and I'll be removing the middle pickup. 2. I also have an Avril Lavigne model that I added a tone knob, upgraded the pots, and removed the switch. I have an 80's Jackson J90C pickup in it now, but I think it will go away in favor of a Dimarzio DP-100 this weekend.


I fell in love with an Epiphone Wildkat and got a sweet deal on it a couple months ago. I changed the wiring and replaced the chrome pickup covers with black plastic, and she woke up nicely. (already has a bigsby)


A few weeks ago I got a killer deal on a 2004 V, with a pair of 57 classics which I promptly added a bigsby to.


I'm stopping by UPS on the way home to pick up my Bonamossa Gold Firebird I. ( not sure if I'll add a bigsby)


Tuesday FedEx delivers my 2017 Pelham Blue SG. (I will be adding a bigsby)


My acoustics are a 1998 J-45, and a 1964 Epiphone Bard 12 string. (no bigsbys) I will be adding a LPB Fender Sonoran to the mix soon.


I think I'm good for guitars for now.


Amps, I have a heavily modified Blues JR with twin English Celestions, and a Valco/Gretsch 6156 Playboy.


Pedals Joyo vintage overdrive.... that is all...

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Welcome to the forums. May you enjoy many more years of playing guitar. Nice collection and hopefully we'll see pictures some time! I think many of us use Photobucket to host pictures and then link them here.

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