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  1. I'm glad I sold my '78 Strat. It was evil. I wish I hadn't sold my Electra Workingman. There's a couple other guitars I had when I first started playing but they were sufficiently horrible so I don't miss them much. Others I've sold over the years, I don't miss much. Pretty much just the one I wish I could get back because it was my first decent electric guitar.
  2. That's all I use for all my guitars, which include 8 Gibsons. I think I have 5 Hercules stands. Two at home, two at band rehearsal spot, one spare to take to gigs.
  3. We've gone up exponentially, as expected. I think 163 last night. Some people are just being stupid, such as hosting and going to a "coronavirus party" and then someone there got it, probably passed it to the others there and then they passed it to others, etc. Only one here in our county so far and he's quarantined.
  4. Seeing how Stonehenge was built would be pretty cool but being a musician, I'd probably want to be in on the late 60's and early 70's music scene. That's the music I enjoy the most and having the opportunity to jam with those guys would be fun. I'd have to be able to take my lovely lady with me, of course. I wouldn't want to be in a life without her in it.
  5. I had seen him before and actually blocked his ads and stuff on Facebook after viewing one of them. He was criticizing some other guitar youtube guys or online instruction or something and that doesn't sit well with me. Everyone learns differently and wants to learn different things. Some want to "master the guitar" and some just want to play a few songs with friends. He was critiquing the "mastery" folks. The Facebook Live session with Steve Vai yesterday was really nice and fun whether you're a "shredder" or not. He was talking about how it's not a competition with anyone else but yourself and only as much as you want it to be.
  6. All I have to say is that after owning my Hummingbird for two weeks, I really love the guitar. It plays and sounds incredible. I've wanted one for years and this is definitely a bucket list guitar for me. I'm very happy with this choice.
  7. Here in Kentucky, they've closed schools until April 6th, at least. Bars and restaurants dine-in is closed until further notice and we have a number of gigs lined up this month through June that may or may not happen now. I work in IT and a lot of what I do, I can do remotely but still have to come into my office at the distillery at this time. I'm keeping my door closed and locked unless necessary. Grocery stores and other big box stores have been probably down to about 1/2 to 2/3 stock on their shelves with all milk, eggs, bread, toilet paper and paper towels gone along with hand sanitizer and soap. Grocery stores and big box stores are closing from 10 PM to 7 AM to allow their staff to restock during that time. Starbucks closed except drive through. Some restaurants still allowing drive through or pickup at this time. It's a mess.
  8. My lovely lady has recently started playing flute again. She played in high school and we do a couple Marshall Tucker Band songs with flute in it, Can't You See and working on Heard In A Love Song. She plays flute on those and has played live with us on Can't You See at every show over the last couple years. She was using a borrowed one and then bought her own. It was actually quite funny because she casually mentioned that she had opened a Guitar Center Gear Card and bought a flute. Of course I was supportive because she's supportive of me and my 14 guitar addiction. She also sings a little so we do get to play music together, although different instruments.
  9. I played a J15 a while back and loved it. It was a great guitar. I just got a Hummingbird though and that's my bucket list guitar. Had they not sold the J15 a couple years ago when it was on clearance for $1100, it would have been mine.
  10. It does. It's a rather largish pin. I think my GC sales guy gave me the D'Addario thing you're talking about for the output jack. I think it unscrews and this piece screws in with the straplock on it. I've not put it on yet. That guitar may or may not ever leave the house, at least not right away. :) The guys in the band asked if i was bringing it to rehearsal tonight and I said, "But, seriously, if y'all wanna see it you can come to my house, pass the security and background check, wash your hands, put on a biohazard suit and look at it through thick paned glass."
  11. We have a couple of direct boxes on the stage that go to the snake for the PA. I probably won't use it with the band much simply because taking it to the places we play would get it damaged or stolen. I was thinking more like acoustic duo or something, which I can use a direct box for it as well. I don't think I'd need an amp for it and it would probably explode plugged into that Marshall. :D I'm definitely looking for the right strap for it and some kind of locking mechanism for the strap. I'd have my friend who is a luthier/guitar tech do it. He's done guitar work for Billy Gibbons in the past and knows his stuff.
  12. Good luck! I got out of the band scene for over 20 years and got back in a couple years ago. We're doing 2 or 3 gigs a month, usually one nighters. We have a dedicated sound man and we pay him an equal share (usually around $100.00 each per night) and he helps load in and load out as well as setup. And, my 22 year old son comes along and I buy him some food, a drink or two and pay him $20.00 and he helps load in and load out, helps get everything hooked up. At this point, I'm not interested in drama either. Good luck and I hope it all works out!
  13. I've not worked things out that far but the singer in my band loves playing acoustic and there's a couple other guys here locally that I've met and talked to that do acoustic sets and I might try to sit in with them, maybe play at a church or something. We also go to other peoples' houses from time to time and play music or have people over to our house and play. My lovely lady plays flute and sings so it's always fun for us to play with others. If you talk to kidblast, he does acoustic solo shows a lot. He would be a good one to talk to and there's probably a lot of others here who I don't know as well.
  14. I've been playing music since grade school, started playing in bands in high school around 1981. I played, gigged, toured, recorded up until about 1995. Went back to college, had a family, a couple of awesome kids (who are now 18 and 22), a couple of horrible marriages and didn't play any gigs at all during that time and wasn't playing guitar nearly as much as I once was. About three years ago, I bought a brand new Gibson Les Paul Standard and started playing a lot. A year later, I was band ready again, bought some gear and started looking. The first band didn't work out very well but a few months later, I found the guys I'm with now. The drummer had played a few gigs, maybe 100 or so. The bassist played guitar and switched to bass to plan in a band. He had never played in a band before, never played live. The singer plays guitar as well and he hadn't been with a real band nor played gigs until then either. We added our guitarist/keyboardist/singer last year and like me, he's played a few hundred gigs. Since then, we've played venues large and small and probably have played 25 to 30 gigs with 12 booked so far this spring/summer. All that being said, we're all in our mid 50's so it's never too late. I go to bed early because I get up early for work during the week. But, on Saturday nights, I sleep in a bit so I can stay up until midnight, 1 or 2. There are some solo musicians or duets here that play the early show from 5 to 8:30. It can surely be done and it's never too late as long as you have the desire to do so. I found my bandmates on www.bandmix.com and there's people on there that just want to jam, some that want to gig regularly, etc. Local music stores sometimes know people or have bulletin boards. Maybe talk to other musicians in your area and see if there's a local musicians Facebook group or something of that sort as well. People still come out and hear us old farts rock because the people that go see live music are our age and we play songs that we all grew up with. Good luck!
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