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  1. I have a Fender Mustang I amp and a Marshall Code 50 amp and they're ok as a backup amp. The clean sounds aren't bad but the gain sound is kind of digital sounding to me. I use pickup volume and pick attack to control gain. Digital just works differently and it takes some adjusting and toying with the effects and amp/speaker tones.
  2. I think the last time I saw Dave was in the mid to late 80's with his solo band with Steve Vai, Billy Sheehan and company. He was good (Dave good) then and put on a good show. That video was brutal. I honestly thought it was one of those joke videos where someone overdubbed him. The band sounded pretty good though.
  3. I have two Goldtops with P90's. The 2017 Tribute is Goldtoppy. The 2018 Classic is "Butterscotchy" because "he's a different color and smells like butterscotch" is what she said. So, the pickups are stock Gibson P90's. The Tribute has a printed circuit board and 9 hole weight relief. The Classic is hand wired and no weight relief and it's about 11 pounds. They sound very similar through an amp. Without an amp, Goldtoppy is brighter and louder, perhaps from the satin finish and lack of thicker and glossier nitrocellulose lacquer.
  4. Then again, we were both buying and not selling. Maybe I'm the weird one. :D
  5. Thank you. When I first got that guitar, my lovely lady kept calling it Goldtoppy. So, that name stuck. Last Christmas (2018) she got me the TRC made and it says Goldtoppy in the etching on it. It's one of my absolute favorite guitars. Plays the same as my Standard, has great tone and sustain. I was very happy to get a good case at a good price. Now all four Les Pauls have brown Gibson cases. Two are Gibson USA, the other two just say Gibson.
  6. Combinations I tried were 000, 123, 321, 333, 666, 667, 007, 420 and it ended up being 209.
  7. The gig bag was real nice for keeping the dust off but I was wary about taking it to and from rehearsal and gigs in that gig bag. And, my other Les Pauls were getting tired of sharing their cases with that Goldtop because it meant that they didn't get to go to the gig!
  8. My friend and I have had good luck on Facebook Marketplace. Meet in neutral location with lots of people around and a friend with you. Cash only.
  9. If the quality is good and the guitar plays and sounds nice, the headstock doesn't mean as much. I do like that style better than what they were using though.
  10. If I had half her looks and talent, I'd be doing pretty good! Such a wonderful person.
  11. My 2017 Gibson Les Paul Tribute Goldtop with P90's came with a gig bag. I've been semi-looking for a hard shell case for it. I found a case on Facebook Marketplace for a decent price and drove over to Lexington, KY to buy it. It's in great condition and is one of those brown cases with the shroud and combination lock. I'm not sure what year it is or what years they were produced. He didn't know the combination so I found a video to figure out what the combination is and reset it to 000. Video URL is: Gibson Combination Lock Anyone know what year this case might be or when they quit making them? I've heard 2002 but just checking if anyone knows for certain. And, here are the pictures of the guitar with the case.
  12. Congratulations on your guitar. I have a couple of Goldtops with P90's as well. 2017 Tribute and 2018 Classic. They're heavy but such nice guitars. They sound great clean, volume turned down, one or another or both pickups on or full volume, gain and boost. The "new" Standards with the P90's are so tempting!
  13. Nice guitar! Congratulations on your purchase. The singer in our band has a Gretsch and I can't remember what the model is. I love the way it plays and sounds. It's a fun guitar to play.
  14. As much as I love my Les Pauls and Flying V's, probably my most versatile guitar is my Ibanez Jiva, the Nita Strauss signature guitar. The three pickups, Humbucker, single, Humbucker with 5 way switch allows me to split the humbuckers and get a nice Strat style quack. The pickups aren't as hot as what you'd think they are and backing off the volume gets a fairly clean/crunch kind of tone. Combine that with 24 frets and a Floyd Rose style whammy, there's not much that guitar can't do. This is my guitar she's playing in this picture. She (Nita Strauss) couldn't get to her guitar so I offered up mine for her to play. My favorite live guitars, however, are my Les Paul Goldtop with P90's and my Les Paul Traditional. I simply know what they're going to give me and what I can get out of them and we play a wide variety of music from classic rock, hard rock, metal, blues, country and whatever else my band wants to do. One of those are usually on the stage with me. I recently got a Schecter CR-6 and it's pretty versatile as well.
  15. I didn't see it either because I don't watch any of those "awards" shows but heard about it after the fact and read the dialogue. I personally like his humor and have seen him a few times. He may or may not be "one of us" but he's surely not a Hollywood elite. I lived in Hollywood for a while and it's not just the actors there that are cookie cutter followers and band wagon jumpers. If one person likes it or does it, the whole town is buzzing about it and following suit. At least that's the way it was in '89 to '91. From what I've seen and heard, it's only gotten worse. Celebrities, to me, aren't people to be looked up to and followed just because of what they say. I may appreciate their work but I don't idolize them. So, how about those NFL Playoffs?
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