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Cleaning Nickel Plated Humbuckers

Mr. Robot

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I apologise if this has come up before.


I have gibson guitar polish for the nitro body, I have Gibson fret board cleaner for the fret board, but can any one suggest what is safe to use on nickel plated humbuckers. Mine on my 175 are getting quite dirty (a buld up of sweat and skin I thinkg) and the marks dont come off easily.


Any suggestions appreciated.

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Gotta agree with Axe on the Naptha it's not abrasive and cleans well and won't damage finishes


Warning Label should be here =D>


Another product that if used very sparingly that I've had good luck with when something is truly nasty is Simichrome it is an abrasive however so you can't do it often or you'll destroy the finish however if something is really bad or even mild rust and oxidation Simichrome will clean it and while abrasive it has very fine grit so it even works well on things like aluminum brass even plexiglass and other hard plastics even bakelite but I only use it when it's a choice between polish or replacement...

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