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ES-165 Herb Ellis


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This is the model that looks like a ES-175 but has a single pickup at the neck.


There's of these for private sale in the uk at the moment for less than £1,600. Its a 1992 model (apparently). Looks nice and the price seems pretty good.


I just checked out an enquiry about one of these (Australian e-bay sale) in the Custom Area. The OP seemed interested for more general use such as overdriven blues. I had to smile at the sentence "Would love some feedback on this one". Well I'm sure he would. :)


For a higher end model, I'm surprised that it had a silkscreened headstock logo.



If I were to check this out, I would worry about authenticity. I am not a Gibson expert. Opinions?

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Looks OK....[thumbup]


I had that same model around '93-'94.....


As far as I am aware it never sold well for some reason


Personal issues were the wiring upgrade needed from new....and the vibration buzzes from top mounted P/U


The later ones had a floating neck mounted P/U for that reason....


It may be possible to do a serial no. check to verify provenance....


I have enjoyed these Florentine jazzers ever since....[thumbup]


Much prefer my current ES225 and ES137.....


Good Luck....!!






PS Personal opinion is it is not sufficiently a classic to warrant that price.....:blink:

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Looks authentic to me too. The price seems good for these models as I've seen them listed higher in the past few years. I almost bought a used one from Guitar Village a few years back and that was listed at £1799 at the time.


I'd go for that one you've found if I was in the market at the moment and if I had the spare cash. I've only ever tried the floating pickup version - it was a wine red one brand new and cost £2199 about 5 or 6 years ago. Lovely guitar, but I ended up getting a 175 instead.

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