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2013 LP Burstbucker Pro


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Hi all.

I searched the subject for hours; gave up, and thought I'd ask y'all.

With the specs on the 2013 Burstbucker Pros being 2 conductor wiring, how can they split/tap?

Any info would be ....well....very helpful, thanks

It needs to be the 4 wire version which is only sold aftermarket

not what comes stock on the guitar.

The only time the pickups are 4 wire stock is if the pots are push-pull included on the guitar when shipped.


This is one thing that has never made much sense to me

and is confusing for those who don't know about it.

I'm one that had to go through the trick to find out.

The 4 wire version should be the only one manufactured

so if and when you're ready to upgrade all you need to do is change the pots.

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Thanks for the quick reply, man.

It's really weird. I've had the 2013 Les Paul Standard since new, and I could never hear the difference if I pulled the split pots......and the dealer said it would only be a subtle change anyway.

The middle out of phase is ok, as is the by-pass.

I was thinking of swapping the pickups to another type of Gibson Quick Connect, and there's not much available, especially in a 4 wire........then I find no reference to a 4 wire BB Pro either. Very confusing.I guess mine has BBPros that don't coil split at all.

Can anyone recommend some Quick Connect Pups? (for Rock.....the 'Appetite' sound would be about the way I'd like it)Unfortunately, Gibson hasn't given us a plethora of choice.



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Yours must have the 4 wire to get the out of phase and the bypass by pulling up the knobs. The older coil tap was not real effective. I have a 2013 LP with a coil tap and the difference in sound is very subtle. If you are using distortion pedal or some other effect you might not hear the difference at all. Dial in the cleanest sound your amp can get and then try it and see if you can hear the difference.


But I got a 2017 T which has the newer "tuned coil tap", and that you can actually hear quite a difference between the tapped and untapped positions.


Not sure what Gibson offers in the "quick connect" line of pickups. All my other Gibsons have '57 Classics which I think I like more than the Burstbuckers, but that could be just because I am more used to them.

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Thanks.Yup, I can't hear much of a difference with the split....but I guess it's there (the tech thought so).I'd like to try some other pickups though.Main reason is that my bridge sound, especially in solos, is getting lost. The other guitarist has a Strat. We are still working the problem, but it points toward the BBPro being too 'Shrill' /high mid and thin.... and at times competes with the Strat freq. If I use any Fuzz, it disappears altogether.

I'd like to try some other QC Gibson pups......maybe 57 / 57+. I guess there's always Dirty Fingers .......or Angus Y .....but that's about it for QC.

Then again, I hear good things of the SD Slash pro 2s , Pearly Gates, Whole Lotta Hs (but, alas, no QConnect obviously)

Dunno what to do here

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Keep working on your amp settings before you change out pickups. I started another thread a little while ago entitled "Found the Sweet Spot". I was describing the same sort of shrill/harsh sound. But I found by turning the treble on my amp down just one notch it was almost cured. Then last night I was experimenting and my amp has a 1/2 power switch to reduce headroom and break up more at lower volume. That seemed to tame the burstbucker a little bit as well.


I always liked the two guitar set up with a LP and a Strat because of the different textures and tones. If you are stepping on each other, that is a problem. My amp also has a "warm" control, that cuts the highs (sort of the opposite of turning up the presence)and I usually only use it when I want that sort of muffled jazz tone - but I might try that too.


It's good to know that the burstbuckers are capable of raging screaming high end, but controlling it seems to be quite the journey.

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I've been working on getting the right tone out of mine. I have to adjust my amps to the Les Paul with Burstbucker Pro's. They're pretty bright at times through my Marshall. A little fuller through my Randall. My Fender Amp is a little Mustang and it's pretty bright anyway, overall. I was messing around with the tone controls and coil tap both, and amp settings to get the sound I like. It's closer but not perfect yet. I'm definitely loving the sound. I put some more mid, took the presence down a bit and that really helped.

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