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I have played acoustic guitar for over 40 years, never really got into the electric thing, but wanted to branch out. I bought a Les Paul Signature T 2013 model and an original NOS 1993 Fender Blues Deluxe AMP. Really enjoying it, just had it a few days. It is quite interesting trying to figure how to get the sound I want from the amp and guitar. I am an old guy, in hospital administration, love fly fishing and music. Primarily mountain and bluegrass and classic rock. I can't believe at this point that I am learning so much about the guitar. I know acoustics, but feel really stupid about my new instruments. Fortunately my wife of 37 years is very patient!

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Welcome to the forum Midstream.msp_thumbup.gif Lots of older folks abound here too so hope you feel at home and very knowledgeable people on board if you have any questions. I'm still learning from these fine folks. I have so many options on my amps that I'm always playing with them before every song I play.

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Welcome Mr M.....good to have you onboard.....[thumbup]


Great thing about the guitar is it's infinite possibilities....


Electrics are great to have in one's tool bag....and can blend really well with acoustics in a duo or band.....


In our local circuit we have folk, bluegrass and popular genres catered for....[thumbup]


People swap between guitar, banjo, mandolin, tenor guitar, fiddle, tin whistle and accordion....:-({|=


Age range from 'talented teens' to 90yr old (accordion)......:blink:


Great social scene....both plugged and unplugged round the table.....





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