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Hello from Scotland!


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Love my guitars and am just about to take delivery of a Limited J-45 Mahogany Special (Vintage Sunburst)


Got a few guitars - Fender 57' reissue, Sigma 000M-15S, Sigma TM-15 and an Electro Acoustic Epiphone I bought for my son. Never had a genuine Gibson until now though.


I'm a dad of 3, husband and Cyber Security Specialist so life is generally quite full.


I'm looking forward to being part of the Gibson Community.

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Hi and welcome to the forum!

Hope you have fun here and the tongue-in-cheek rule is 'Pics or it Didn't Happen!'


We all like to see snaps of our charges - Gibson or otherwise - so feel free to post the family when the J-45 arrives!




P.S. I love Inverness. Lovely city.

Look one direction you see wild rabbits on the castle's roundabout; look the other way and you see dolphins in the Ness!

Spent a few evenings enjoying the delights of the Castle Tavern's fine cellar and kitchen, too.



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