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My eight year old daughter wanted a new guitar and I couldn't pass this one up at only $499! It played pretty nicely out of the box, but after a few mods both functional and cosmetic this little thing rips!


First I put semi PUP covers to class up the pickups. I was going to swap them out but I actually like them.


I took off the cheap wrap around bridge that does not allow for a very low action and replaced it with the Gotoh 510, Not only is this bridge slick and sleek, it allows for a very low action and as u can kind of see in one of the pics, there is still plenty of room to go lower! I also switched out the all black top hat knobs for silver top hats and put some pointers on too.


This is quite a fun little guitar that plays nicely and sounds great.







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The gotoh bridge is an amazing option. With it I currently have it set at 5/64th on the bass and 3/64th on the treble side for string height with more than enough room to go down if needed. Its rock solid and was a direct drop in. I love it. If these guitars were $100 more but came with this bridge I would be more than OK with that! My original I was only about to get to 6/64th and 4/6ths and the bridge was on the body.


The other mods were just cosmetic but it dresses it up pretty nicely. I especially like the pickup covers! The next mod will probably be an earvana nut which I put on all of my GIbsons.


This guitar is amazing in my opinion and is a blast to play!


I like the mods you did on this. I have one of these but the existing bridge prevents low action. I should try that Gotoh bridge out.

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Heard some good and some bad things about this 'S' series, but glad that this one worked well. Certainly tempts me closer to having something cheap and cheerful...

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