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Les Paul Custom with super 400 inlays

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Hey Guys, I need help Identifying this LPCS. I bought it new, on a whim and never gave it much attention. Now I 'm not able to find any similar model to compare it to.


Here's everything I know about it. CS76515 Y-LPCFHSGH1 Les Paul Custom Figured-This product code would refer to Yamano Les Paul Custom Figured Heritage Sunburst Gold Hardware.



Here's a link to the Photo Album------ https://goo.gl/photos/z9nhzeHdc4agMR6L8

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"Yamano" is a large music retailer, in the Ginza District, of Tokyo Japan, and as such, can have exclusive runs,

on Gibson models, made for them. Much like GC MF, Sam's, Sweetwater, CME, Anderton's UK, or Other large Gibson

dealers do. So, it's possible, they may have had several, or even an entire "limited run," of that Les Paul,

made by Gibson, for their market.


Where did you "buy it new?" In the US, Japan, or in the UK or Europe? Was it from an "authorized" Gibson dealer?

And, wouldn't your dealer have a "paper trail" of it's origins?!


If not, then you may have to entertain the notion of "Grey Market," Forgeries, or other nefarious activities/situations.


Good Luck!




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The inlays are the same as on a LP Supreme; those also have a similar trc.

The volute is very...pronounced but looks fairly similar to a 90s Tom Murphy aged 59 RI.


Google for Les Paul Supreme then Les Paul Custom Yamano and have a look at the images.

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Welcome, Max. That's a beautiful guitar, and I prefer the traditional split diamond head inlay to the one used on the LP Supreme model. I'm more of a vintage guitar nut, and even then Les Pauls are not really my area of expertise, but I find this interesting. I did a little searching, and couldn't find anything to explain the differences between your guitar and the 2003 Supreme model. So, I'm curious now too. The Supreme had a chambered body, and a flame maple back with no access panels like yours has. So there are multiple differences. http://www.lespaulforum.com/slubarticle/supreme/supreme.html


I think your best bet in terms of getting a complete (and hopefully prompt) explanation is to try the Les Paul Forums: http://www.lespaulforum.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?2-Sunburst-Gibson-USA-Pub


If you get an answer over there, please report back here.

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