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Hummingbird Maybe


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Has anyone seen a Hummingbird in Natural finish? I found one in Canada, but trying to get it out of there and into the states is a nightmare. The reason is the Natural finish one has rosewood back and sides. I am not a fan of the cherry finishes so the natural tops are hard to find.


Any ideas on the rosewood Bird in place of the Hog.



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Wouldn't the natural finished 'Bird be the same creature as the Country and Western model, save for the more sedate, and (which I've recently learned) thinner pickguard on the CW?


Gibson has done runs of the Hummingbird in Rosewood- I'm a fan. The rosewood gives the bird more of a wet and sweet sound, well-suited for fingerpicking, and the short scale keeps the overtones in check, which could be further tightened up with string choice- 80/20's, or the D'Addario Nickel Bronze strings that the forum's Themissal tipped us to.


Comparing some birds; HB-V, RoseBird (center/back), Standard (in repose):





Good to have you check in again, MOP.

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