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What tuners are they? Grovers? Klusons? Not all 2009 Les Paul's necessarily had the same tuners from the factory, plus it is not uncommon for someone to change the tuners from the original.


Without a little more info not likely anyone can answer your question.

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No guarantee, here...but, all the "Traditional's," I've played, from that period had "chrome" plated metal parts,

including the tuners. BUT...I certainly haven't played ALL the Traditional's made, back then or currently. And,

the previous owner may (or may not) have changed them. So...??? Early to mid 2000's, the "Classic's" tend

to come with Nickel plated parts. At least, they used to.


As "Twang Gang" said, pictures would help us, determine that. IF they look a bit "dull" and/or slightly oxidized,

they're "probably" Nickel, as they tend to age that way. If they are still quite shiny, then probably Chrome.





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Hello and welcome to this nice place in the web! [thumbup]


There are three Les Paul guitars with Deluxe tuners here.


The machine heads are equal on the back; all of their gear housings and tuning (worm) shafts are nickel-plated.


On the front they resemble the rest of the guitar hardware, in materials and period of original hardware design as well: The tuners of my Gibson USA 2013 Traditional and 2012 Gibson Custom Alex Lifeson Axcess have tall chrome-plated capstans with spherical tops and chrome-plated sleeve nuts. Those on my 2012 Gibson Custom Standard are vintage-style; they feature short nickel-plated capstans with plane tops and nickel-plated press-in sleeves.


Hope this helps.

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