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Details on 3 pickup mid-70's Les Paul Custom

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Background: I bought this Les Paul Custom in the mid-80's, used from a guitar shop. There is no other background on it. Some research seems to put it in the 1972-1974 range when serial numbers were in that unpredictable range.


I haven't played for over 20 years. The guitar has simply moved with me through my life. Now my son is taking lessons so I pulled it out and put on new strings. His guitar teacher fawns over it. Maybe he's just being nice, but he really makes a point of it being a special piece.


Serial number: 773487


Based on the serial number, the 3 pickups and anything that can be derived from the pictures, I'd love to hear informed feedback on it.


- What looks original?

- What is an add-on? I assume the pickups are not from the factory, but I really don't know.

- The tuning hardware. That doesn't look original.

--> update: clearly not original. If you look at the picture, it's secured with a single screw and there's a hole for a second, presumably from the originals.

--> The brand on the tuners is Grover.

- Any ideas on value? I'm not selling it, but it's good information to know.


Disclaimer: the last picture shows a 1/4" divot. That's the one major blemish. All other wear is natural such as the metal corrosion. The yellowing of the ivory is very consistent and beautiful.


By the way, what's the best way to clean one of these.


Photo links:



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The Pictures will not load. I have been waiting for 20 minutes or so and it just loads a graphic that says update your account.



its photobucket.. there a bunch of assholes there.. they want all subscibers to pay like 400.00 a year to use there accounts for third party viewings of pictures.. they can pound salt..

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There'll be folks know better than me, but those pick-ups have the look of DiMarzio PAF 59s in the neck and middle and something heavier back at the bridge (Super Distortion?) - man, if that's the line-up then that thing is a rock machine (but I'm not calling it, others will know more). Be interesting to know its history before it came to you. I'd be keeping it!!

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