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New strings ES 175


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My second 2016 model, first was a new 335. The quality coming out of Memphis is nothing less than amazing. I had to get the 175 I did.


The strings are amazing. They ship with what looks like 11s from the brochure


E: 1.1684mm / 0.052"

A: 0.9144 mm / 0.042"

D: 0.6604 mm / 0.032"

G: 0.4318mm / 0.019"

B: 0.3302mm / 0.014"

e: 0.2540mm / 0.011"


With a wound G


I assume they are Brite Wires and I want to get the exact same strings. I love them with this guitar. I normally use DR Blues but when I get this set up professionally I want the same strings.


Can someone tell me exactly what I have? Possibly a link.


What a marvelous instrument.

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congrats on a beautiful 175..


I am pretty sure that you are right - Brite Wires. At least, afaik, that's what all elecs are shipping with.


I've also heard tales that Brite Wires--- are actually D'Addarios.. ------ who knows but Gibson and they don't reveal secrets.. (??!?!)


if you look at specs of Gibson's web site, it looks like they ship with 12s. (brand of strings is not called out)

String Dimensions

E: 1.4224 mm / 0.056"

A: 1.1176 mm / 0.044"

D: 0.8636 mm / 0.034"

G: 0.6350 mm / 0.025"

B: 0.4064 mm / 0.016"

e: 0.3048 mm / 0.012"


a call or email to customer service may answer all your questions.

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Congrats. I have a 2013 one.


The ES 175 is a very friendly guitar, and will take well to almost any gauge/type of strings within reason.

I too love DRs - the Handmade Blues 11 set (plain 0.18 G) are all in all the best strings I ever used.

For tapewounds, Thomastik-Infeld are just unbeatable IMO - though may cost a bit more, they are totally worth it. The 11 gauge set has a wound G.

OTOH, EBs are almost 100% reliable and always deliver great tone.....


Best wishes, it's all going to be good with that guitar!

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