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Viva Las Vegas!


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Hey Everyone,


I'm Ken from Sin City, NV. Well, originally from Los Angeles, a product of the 70's and 80's, mainly. My #1 fave is Jimmy Page. I have roughly 100 2nd favorites lol. Not much to my story. I'm a family man with 6 kids. Been playing on and off since I was around 12.Never anything serious, no lessons, etc. I quit drinking a little over 4 years ago (12/24/12). Without going into a bunch of unnecessary details, let's just say I suddenly found myself with A LOT of newly freed up time on my hands. So, I thought, "Why not a hobby that is good for, both, my senses and my soul?"


Fast forward to today: I just got my first GLP this week, a 2016 Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus Top Fireball. I've been a long time Epi fan/owner and have had my share of them over the years. I still have my old battle horse (Wine Red Studio Deluxe with a set of Pearly Gates) and a Prophecy EX (Black quilted top with EMG's). Epi's can be a lot of fun to play around with, if they are set up right and have decent pickups but for my 50th birthday, I finally decided to make my "big move". And I'm a happier man for it.


God bless all you, guys & gals out there! Keep on rockin!



and the crew (below)



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