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Hello! I'm brand new to this forum, but I've been following it for a good while. I continue to be amazed at the wealth of knowledge that you folks make available. Also, I was inclined to join in after noticing the level of decency in the conversations. I've seen plenty of guitar forums that don't have such civility. My reason for writing is to seek help for my Epiphone Dot Studio. I'd like to get hold of a set of satin black covers for my original PUPS. If anyone could please tell me what sizes I should be looking for? Also, I watched a YouTube video last night where a fellow was installing a B-5 Bigsby on a Dot Studio. He used a mounting platform that allowed him to use the two holes that are normally left on the face of the guitar when installing tail-piece versions. He didn't drill any holes in the project at all! If anyone has installed a B-5 on a Dot, I'd sure like to hear your thoughts. Finally, does anyone know anything about a Bigsby-like vibrato from a company called Guitarfetish (or brands other than Bigsby)? You can check all the models they sell by just doing an internet search of the company name. I know that's a bunch of different areas but they should all fall neatly under Dot Studio mods (I hope). If I've made any mistake in the placement of this topic, please go easy on me, it's my first post. Thanks to all of you for any help. Best regards, Jack

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Hello, and Welcome to the forum! [biggrin]


Amazon.com carries satin black Humbucker covers. And, you can find them, on E-bay, as well. You just

have to be careful about the difference in pole screw spacing, between Asian pickups, and American versions.

So, assuming your "original PUPS" are Asian, as on most Epiphone Dot Studios, opt for that type cover

version, as well.




Places like "All Parts" may carry those covers, also. (Google is your friend!) [biggrin]


Vibramate, http://www.vibramate.com/index.php makes all kinds of adapters, for Bigsby, or "Bigsbly licensed

vibrato systems. They do not require any "alterations" to your guitar body. They hook up, to the "Stop bar"

posts /holes (B-5 adapter), alone, and/or the back strap button screw(s), in the case of the longer (B-6, B-7)

Bigsby versions.


Personally, I'd stick with Bigsby, or at least "Bigsby licensesed" products, as opposed to questionable "cheap"

aftermarket versions. But, that' just ME! [biggrin]


Good Luck, with your project! [thumbup]





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Nothing to specifically add other than to say "YouTube is your friend". Search for Dot mods and you'll get about a gazillion responses, but some if not all of your questions might be answered there. I have a Dot and have highly modded it (pickups, wiring, switches, Bigsby B7) and love it. Best of luck to you.

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I would caution you against using a B-5 on a Dot Studio. The B-5 is designed for flat top guitars, like an SG or Telecaster, and the Dot Studio is an archtop, so it won't mount fully flush.


A B-7 or B-70 is the right model to use with any form of 335-style guitar.

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Thank you all for the great help.


Parabar, I know you are right about the B-5 being meant for flat surfaces. I never would have thought about the B-5 for use on an archtop, but I saw this Youtube video where a guy was installing a B-5 on a Studio Dot. It kind of struck me as an odd choice so I thought I'd ask about it. To be honest, I'm not entirely set on adding the Bigsby. To those who have added one, I wonder if you find that you actually use it enough to justify the expense? I must admit that a Bigsby on an archtop looks amazing. I'm just not sure I'd use it all that much.


Dennis, what pickups did you end up with and what sound were you going for? Any chance for a pic of your Dot with the B-7?


CB, thanks for the advice. I absolutely agree with you that the trade off in savings could set me up for a difficult installation, and less desirable function. There's probably a really good reason why Bigsby has been around as long as it has.


Once again, thank you all for your wisdom and willingness to share. I really appreciate your taking time out to help. Best regards, Jack

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