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Grabbed this today!






The SAT Series (Slim Arch) by Crafter is a hybrid, acoustic and electric guitar featuring a Kent Armstrong Humbucker Pickup.

The SAT series models come with a Y Cable so that the player can separate and route acoustic and electric signals to different amplifiers.

Slim Arch Designed Hybrid Guitar

Acoustic Sound Chamber

Mahogany Set Neck with 21 Frets

Orangeburst Top

Devil Tree (Asian Hardwood) Body

Mahogany Neck with Orangeburst Headstock Overlay

Rosewood Fingerboard

Mother of Pearl Position Marks

Split ‘S’ Soundholes

Deluxe Chrome Tuners

25.5? Scale

L.R. Baggs Designed SAT Electronics

1) Kent Armstrong Humbucker

2) L.R. Baggs Element Pickup

Magnetic Pickup with 1 Volume and 1 Tone

Acoustic Pickup with 1 Volume and 1 Tone

3 Way Toggle Switch with EQ Blender at Centre Position

Gloss Finish

Includes Crafter Branded Hard Case

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Wow nice! How does it sound? More acoustic or electric hollowbody?

A bit of both really, The Kent Armstrong p90 neck pickup on it's own sounds like an electric with a nice full sound and lots of sustain. The L.R. Baggs pickup is an under-bridge acoustic one with a clean balanced acoustic sound with a nice bottom end. When the pu selecter is in the middle position you get a blend of both, also the jack socket is stereo and the guitar comes with a Y cable so you can plug into two separate amps of your choice.

I'm liking the different sounds available, I've put it through a Vox AC10 C (the p90 pu) and a Blackstar HT5R (the acoustic pu)

It's a lot of fun.

BTW it weighs in at about 8lbs, it's solid with the acoustic chambers where the sound holes are.

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Very nice looking hope you enjoy it.


Sort of reminds me of something - oh yeah, the Taylor T-5. I see these on E-Bay for $600 to $900 so quite a bit less expensive than a Taylor. Plus I never saw a T-5 with a P-90, so if you are a P-90 fan this would be the way to go.


I tried a few T-5s 10 years ago or so and while they sounded good, and offered variety I always felt it was sort of a compromise guitar. The electric sound was good, but not as good as a LP or Strat, and the acoustic side was also good but not as good as a Martin/Gibson/Taylor acoustic. So I never pulled the trigger.


Should be especially useful in a recording situation where you could take your time and dial in some unique bended tones.


Have fun [thumbup]

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