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2018 SG Std. Bass


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I was surprised to see 2018 SG Std. Basses back out on the Sweetwater site. They have the Heritage Cherry, Walnut, and will be getting the SG Std. in Ebony. I placed an order for a Heritage Cherry. I'm hoping it shows up on Tuesday of next week.

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Has anyone else acquired a 2018 SG Std.?

Yes! I bought one of the two Walnut finishes off Sweetwater last week and I see they've just sold the other one as well.. Mine arrived yesterday; it's my first Gibson since the Sonex 180 I owned back in 1984-85 and it's such a welcome change from my Rick. Gorgeous mahogany, weight just over 7 pounds, no neck dive with my leather backed 2" strap. I was wondering about the non-engraved truss rod covers and did a search about it which lead me to this forum; glad you got in touch with the company. I'll probably pick up an engraved cover off ebay as well.

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