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New from Utah


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Hey all, my name is Dan and I just signed up. I live in Utah and have played guitar for about 20 years now (since I was 12). I am not that great but I have fun with it. My username is teledan but that isn't in reference to the Telecaster, I am a telemark skier so I merged "telemark" with my first name :) I currently own a handful of guitars:


Gibson Blueshawk (black w/ hardtail tailpiece)

Epiphone Les Paul (w/ Duncan pickups)

Tacoma EM9

Ovation CSD225 (currently for sale)

Martin Backpacker (signed by Ben Harper :) )


For my electric stuff I play through a Fender 94 Twin.


I've started playing a bit more recently (especially electric) and am thinking about picking up a new Gibson hollowbody electric so I will be asking some questions. Anyway, thanks for having me!

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