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Es150 1936 (uk)


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Congratulations! Would love to hear more about your experiences with it. What type of music do you play?


The CC pickup is still the greatest sound there is for certain types of music. I've owned three guitars with CC's- a 1940 ES250, an ES350 custom circa 1950, and the 1966 L5 custom that's shown in my avatar.

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Hi JimR56

Thanks for your comments.I play bluesy jazz or jazzy blues. Sometimes accompanying a lovely young Italian jazz singer here in the Uk.We try to do Billie Holliday Nina Simone stuff as well as Amy Winehouse Beth Hart .....and so on! The ES150 is a beauty to play, soft rich and warm in tone. I have a custom ES175 from 2004 and an ES335 custom from 2008 but the 150 blows them away for pure jazzy soul sound. I was stunned at how lovely it sounded thu the amp.

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Magic guitar. Charlie Christian used the ES 150 I understand.

The last Charlie Christian models were made in 1979?


Christopher Campbell,


Welcome, Christopher.


Christian used the ES-150 for a time, but also used the larger/fancier/rarer ES-250 model (which was produced in small numbers around 1939-40).


The 1979 issue that you refer to was a version of the ES-175 which was fitted with the 1979 version of the CC pickup. It was quite different in terms of its specs from the original pickup of the 1930's, and even from later incarnations (they were produced for certain custom instruments at least into the 1950's). For example, the custom-ordered L5 in my avatar dates to 1966, but the pickup was likely built in the late 1950's.


There is an interesting discussion of the history and evolution of the CC pickup here: http://www.mylespaul.com/threads/what-makes-a-charlie-christian-pickup-a-charlie-christian-pickup.34796/

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