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2013 trasnlucent black signature t mint with candy and original case?


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hello all

kolhauszer once again


asking for some help


im buying a 2013 mint les paul translucent black signature t for 1800 canadian..im guessing 1500 usd?..ive been to the reverbs and ive seen that they are worthy of 1700 to 2300 and more depending on condiion and mine is flawlessss


on the sold section ive seen many between 1400 and 1700 canadian some much much more but not many


what would be your value of this beauty beast



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Guest Farnsbarns

I wouldn't want to value it without playing it. Could be a total dud. Most likely it's average. Could be a gem.


When you say you're seeing them at 1700-2300 I assume you mean unsold. Assuming that because you go on to say the completed sales show a value at around 1400-1700.


Completed sale values are all you can go by as a comparison. What others are asking means nothing, what they're getting gives you a general market value. On that basis, yours is right at the top of the prices people are getting. As long as it plays at the "gem" end of the spectrum and not the "dud" or "average" end that might be OK by you but it will always boil down to how it plays.

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...im buying a 2013 mint les paul translucent black signature t for 1800 canadian...

on the sold section ive seen many between 1400 and 1700 canadian...

...what would be your value?...

I'd echo exactly what Farns said and you've answered your own question.

You already know you are paying $100 Can. more than the usual selling price.

If it truly is mint then perhaps it's a good deal but, as always, Sound & Playability are pretty much the only things that matter.



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thanks guys,,,yes youve all made some great points


i have more cash then i had assumed now..and theres one that i just cant get over...the 2010 mint as the day is long les paul black waters..i want a les paul again


its been to long for me


can i please have some feed back on ones who might own one?..even though you might not be crazy about char kroeger?


to have a les paul that is right for you is a tough decision.it must be the right one but she just looks so deadly..does anyone one one?


my thanks once again

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can i please have some feed back on ones who might own one?..even though you might not be crazy about char kroeger?...

When you mentioned it was Trans Black I remembered the Chad Kroeger one but discounted it when you called 'your' guitar a Signature T...

Is it, in fact, a Signature T or is it the Chad Kroeger Signature? They are two very different instruments.


EDIT : Apologies; My Bad. I now realise that you are talking about two different guitars in your posts.

I'm guessing the 'Blackwater' is on offer for quite a bit more money?


If it is the Chad Kroeger version then that changes matters considerably in the 'value' stakes. The CK Sig. is worth considerably more that the Signature T.


There was a thread about the Chad Kroeger Sig. at the time. I don't remember anyone in the forum buying one (many posters seemed to want to be childishly nasty about Nickelback) but in case you haven't already seen it here's the link to the original Gibson release;




I don't have one - I never even saw one in the London dealerships at the time - but I liked both the looks of them and their specs when it was released. I'd never heard of Chad Kroeger before the sig. LP and I doubt I've ever heard any of Nickelback's songs but that wouldn't put me off owning one; far from it. The piezo pickup under the bridge-saddles is a nice 'plus'. It could be argued that the chambered body allows for more of the acoustical properties to be detected by the piezo enhancing the acoustic side of things. Interesting concept.


The Signature T, OTOH, was more of a regular Les Paul in regards its specification. Here's the link to the release of the time;





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thanks pip


i guess i did confuse things a bit

yes i did notice the page a few days back..and i read them all but ive also read about how its a crap guitar from these guys and an awesome guitar from those guys..i think actually nickleback,,is an awesome twice deadly over a day group...i just do not know why there is such hate for the guy


ive seen the youtube video and the guy playing her doesnt exactly give her a standing ovation but mentions that she is a great guitar for certain players..the 200 made only is a cool thing but resale will take forever..and at a loss?...i love her look even though i am a 60s neck guy..and shes a 50s neck guy


the waters,,2500 the signature t 1800 canadian..and both resale sucks im guessing..but that 60s neck on the signature t..the price save,,but the look and piezo system the ORIGINALITY of the waters...god ..i wish i can talk to a few who had them..but i guess even then it wouldnt help me..i will make a new post conserning this

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Even tho we are talking about Canadian money, it is still allot of money any way you count it.


I would want to play it first....how far is it from were you are?


It might would be worth the trip to put your hands on it to be sure it's right for you.


Just ask yourself if it is a turd of a guitar how much is your time worth to have to sell it and how much are you going to lose in the possess.


I will relate my last guitar purchases. I bought a Les Paul Studio a 2008 model with case from a seller in Connecticut, I live on the other side of the country, so going there to put my hands on it was just not an option. BUT, I know what they go for in my area, and at the price I was paying I could easily sell it and even come out ahead.

Now this seller (At a national chain store no less) told me the guitar was a 9 out of 10, really fine shape and the neck was like a 59 style.

When it arrived, okay it is a fine shape, no major dents or scratches but the pick guard is gone, then bridge mounting ring is deformed from heat the strpe button were replaced with schallers (I use the schallers, so that was a win for me) BUT there was some type of locking nut installed onto the guitar at some point and was removed, so I have 6 screwholes in the headstock, 4 on the front by the nut and two on the back were the tool kit mount was. He had put back paint on the front, so they didn't show in the pictures, and he cut the pictures to hit the ones on the back. It also has lost the stock truss rod cover and generic back one was put in it's place.

It's not the end of the world tho, the neck is a between a 59 and a 60, and it is wider them most, and it plays great. It weighs 7 pound 12 oz. and it has a wonderful sound out the pick ups clean and driven. The fretboad is Ebony, smooth and beautiful, the frets and near prefect, it's like someone played for 6 months and then left it in the case for 8 years.

The guitar also plays alive with the amount of resonance it has, so I will live with the 6 small holes, and at some point next summer, I will get some mahogany dowels and fix it. (These holes are the size of a toothpick in diameter)


Okay, the point i am trying to make here is, IF I had gone and seen it in person, I would have spotted those hole in a heartbeat, I would have chewed them down on the price over it, but In the end, because of how well it plays I would have bought it anyway, so I am okay with this, I know for the price I paid (670.00us) and in my area, this guitar would fetch 800-1000 all day, I still made a good deal But I excepted the risk when I made the deal, in your case, you at of above the price, if this had a headstock with holes in it, well.....

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hi guys,,sorry for the late reply

i thank all of you for the great advice


i purchased the blackwater instead and was having an awesome time

out of respect and and kindness to a fellow guitarist buddy of mine i showed him pictures of my beautybeast and he just flipped


we traded (not the right venue for it) but we traded for a 2013 tremonti trem 10 top custom ..im not racist when it comes to guitars lol


thanks though everyone bigtime

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i wish i can talk to a few who had them..but i guess even then it wouldnt help me..i will make a new post concerning this


I have a sig T. This is what I can tell you. It is a step above a Les Paul Traditional, and a step below a Standard. Yes, I have all three. I have a studio as well, but that is no comparison to the Sig T. The coil taping is cool, but I never use it. The caps in a sig T are ****, so I changed mine to sprague vitaman Q .022 600v. Really made the 57's come alive. The sixty's slim taper neck is nice, but my nut was cut wrong at the factory, so I installed a bone nut and tightened the string spacing just a tad because the e was too close to the edge of the neck. The Grandillo finger board is really close to rose wood, but a little lighter to look at, but once you oil the neck a few times it darkens up, at least mine did. Over all, the Sig T is a solid Les Paul and I notice in the FB Les Paul Forums a lot of guys are now snatching them up when they come up for sale.

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