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G'day from Australia


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Hi all, Rich here. I am from Tasmania and am a self confessed Les Paul nut. Though my love for Gibson's does not stop there.


Being a lefty, I have a lot of trouble finding the older girls as well as some models I would dearly love to own. SO for the most part I have Custom Shop guitars including


2017 Les Paul Historic Standard M2M in Kentucky Bourbon Fade and a hand picked top.

2011 Historic 56' Reissue GT. (my favorite, I ljust love 90's)

2007 58's Reissue Les Paul Junior (DC in TV Yellow)

and a 2006 58's Reissue in Honey burst.


I also have a 1993 J200 Blond and a 1985 ES335 Dot (also blond)


The J200 and the DC TV took so long to find. I love both of those guitars.


I love the necks nice and fat and the 335 sort of falls a bit short in that department so it doesn't get played as much.


I have added a couple of pics below, they are my 2 favorites.


so hi and nice to be hear.





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