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Hi All,


I have just acquired a Gibson J-45 Custom, and I have just completed a full set-up to my satisfaction, however

I have a problem with the 2 top machine heads ( D & G ) with no strings on them they all wind very smooth, but

as soon as I fit the strings and bring them to pitch, the D & G keys get very tight, they are very difficult to

turn ? but the others are fine, they move very smooth like they should.

I have tried oiling the offending keys but it made no difference ? [sad]


Any idea's guys ??

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If you are using medium strings, they would seem tighter than if you were using light strings, I would think. Also, if you are switching from a long scale guitar to a J-45’s shorter scale, the tuners could also feel tighter because of the shorter string length, I suppose. I woukdn’t worry about it unless the tuners won’t hold the tension in place. The tightness might just be an indication that the tuners are rightly locked into place.


Just my speculation.


QM aka Jazzman Jeff

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I also have a J 45 Custom so I assume you are talking about the closed back Grovers? The A string tuner on mine was also tight as you described and I was actually worried about doing damage to it. So I took a small Phillips and loosened the screw that looks like it holds the tuner button on. This relieves some pressure and solved the problem. Love the Custom but much prefer the Kluson open back tuners on my other J45.

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