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Is everything on it original?


Hi Jason.

From the pictures you posted, I would say it is all stock, but you would need to remove the control cover and look at the bottom of the pick ups to know if they have been changed out or not.

Before you go pulling it all apart, looking at the general condition, I would best half a Mc Donald's hamburger that it is all stock.

And really, as long as it has the tone you like who cares, just play it and love it like it's last owner and you will get a lifetime of enjoyment out of her.

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Well its his first guitar. Whats unusual is the ghostly image of a superstrat on the reverse side! :mellow:


Ha, good eye. Very eerie.


Enjoy, the LP Studio is a great guitar. It's not uncommon to see the plain top figuring through the Wine Red finish.

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