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New Pickguard Day (inspired by Sal)

NJ Tom

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I'm liking my recent J-35...comfy neck, great sound...so far it's perfect for my 're-beginner' status. Aesthetically I really dig it's understated plain Jane-ness...except for the double ugly orange pick guard. It had to go. Firestripe, Tigerstripe, whatever Gibson calls it, I replaced the original with one that's more tortoise like. Big cosmetic improvement. You'll have to click on the pic for a larger image.


post-70988-043321700 1522874357_thumb.jpg

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That's a great improvement.


Who made the pickguard?



Thanks...it was these guys:



Found 'em on Ebay but they can be purchased on Reverb.com as well.


The pickguard is beveled. It had some very slight clear coat imperfections, hardly noticeable but a dab of auto compound/scratch remover and a bit of rubbing buffed it right out.

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The maker of that guard is a member of this forum, JTB

I have his guards on two guitars, Lars also has them on his

I think the material he uses complement Gibson's just right


The installation was a breeze. I watched a video showing removal of a pick guard using a putty knife during heat application. Screw that!!! I used a thin fishing line in a sawing motion under the guard, sorta like like flossing. Piece of cake.


The tricky part was matching the radius of the guard to the rosette. Blue painters tape to the rescue for guide marks. The whole swap took about 25 minutes including removing the strings at the bridge and re-tuning after the mod.

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