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Hi there!


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Hello Guys


Im a new guy on the Block I just started learning to play guitar after plating bass for 32 yrs

I have always wanted to learn to play guitar but never sat down to learn it. my brother in law

gave me a Fender strat but I like the feel of a Les Paul so im getting one tmwo.I play Heavy Metal

and classic rock or should I say learning lol.Thank you all for letting me in on the site ect

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we always welcome our brothers from the bottom end society to our ranks. After-all, where would rock and roll be with out guys like you holdin the line!


contrats on the migration to the 6 string, and on the new fam member. Les Pauls (IMHO) are just about the best things with strings around... Fenders are great, I love me a few strats, but Les Pauls are THE BOMB!


let us know how the purchase goes..


rock on!

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Welcome aboard belladaisy2018. Enjoy your stay.


I started my musical journey on guitar in 2003. My first two guitars were Les Pauls (a Faded Special with humbuckers and a LP Classic) both of which I still own. I took up bass a couple of years later. Although I still consider myself to be a guitar player, I have spent much more time playing bass over the past few years. I enjoy playing both.

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