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Billy Strange 1952 Hell Train some great pickin


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Thanks, Jaxon! That cat can play! Right into my favorites folder it goes! Not only that but, a timeless message to boot! What ever became of songs with actual meaning beyond braggadocio?


Thanks GMac, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Billy Strange was a real pioneer of the electric guitar and played every style imaginable from the 1940s till just before he passed. The Munster tv show sound track, was all Billy, The Beach Boys Pet Sounds, Nancy Sinatra the Monkees, many TV show scores. Nat King Cole even Count Basie.Billy was prolific.Here he is on 12 string with Nancy,


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Strange made bank playing in the studios so he could take care of his children after his marriage failed. He played with Jan and Dean, a constant in the Ricky Nelson band. The Beach Boys liked his style and used him frequently,Brian Wilson wanted a 12 sound on Sloop John B. So he had one delivered to Stranges studio along with an amp and informed Billy that he would play it on the new song.Billy had never played one before.This was the result. Just listen to the 12 string


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