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What do you make of this Banner? Perhaps it lost a shriveled pickguard when it got a bridge and re-fin? https://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/Gibson/Vintage-1940s-J-45-Acoustic-Guitar.gc












Very nice looking back- almost looks like walnut, similar to the one piece back shown below: a refin'ed (sans banner) block-logo'ed 1940's model that the forum's vw1300 linked to a few years back on Rockin' Robin's site:




* *Strange- no 3 or 5 piece neck on the GC guitar (?)* *

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Nicely done, Scriv. Amazing how some guitars, especially the old ones, have a history- one that can be uncovered on the internet. Things like ". . . the tone bars were moved to accomodate a lefty" (and converted back to a righty, but what about the tone bars?? Also- check out the nut slots) could be priceless information that might not be shared by a seller, retail giant, or no.


GC is saying replaced tuners; buttons, maybe, but those peened machine heads look to be the business.

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