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  1. ‘ “It’s all over now baby blue” for 2020
  2. Dylan is 79 years old. So maybe now’s a good time to figure out how his music will live on after he dies. The slog of administrative work that comes with licensing isn’t a great gift to leave family members- registering copyrights, pursuing licenses, tracking down the royalties. So instead of all that — maybe Dylan wants to leave his heirs with hundreds of millions in cash. Streaming and COVID-19 may also be factors. There’s no reason to begrudge the man his well deserved financial success.
  3. At the 1:40 mark observe how Dave Rawlings takes a Kyser capo from his pocket, deftly attaches it to his guitar neck at what appears to be the 7th fret, plays a solo (that most guitar pickers would be proud to call their own), then removes it to finish the song. Considering that the failure to place the capo properly the first time would have derailed the performance, it seems to be a positive testimonial of the ease and utility of the Kyser. Of course one must consider that the Kyser is a non-photogenic ugly duckling. :>)
  4. https://fraulini.com/2020/09/a-quarantine-well-spent-2/ scroll down
  5. Headin' that way myself right about now- might still lurk though...
  6. Wasn't my point- but alright then, reckon I shoulda named a more mythologically-correct mine for my illustration
  7. Neither am I but just trying to divert from the grampa rants.
  8. Decent advice but not relevant for a lefty desiring a vintage Gibson- easier to find a leprechaun riding a unicorn into the lost dutchman’s mine for to drink from the fountain of youth than to locate factory lefty vintage Gibsons with any regularity.
  9. where is the “amen” emoji when I need it? anyways them double pick guard J 200 models sure is purty...
  10. http://www.bbc.com/culture/story/20190612-bruce-springsteens-of-the-world-unite
  11. Interesting read for those so inclined: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/15/opinion/sunday/country-music-tim-mcgraw-jon-meacham.html
  12. Yes i like it but never use it- the zoom h4n really suits my purpose. Sometimes i have more money than sense.
  13. I was fortunate enough to never spawn any chips-off-the-old-blockhead, but happy fathers day to those of you who did.
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