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  1. There are three kinds of people in the world: those who can do arithmetic and those who can't.
  2. Maybe the bridge got broke and they "fixed" it🤪
  3. I fog the area I want to clean with my breath then wipe it off with my shirt-tail because I always know where those two items are- no joke!
  4. And that was just yesterday right murph?
  5. https://umgf.com/fs-1939-martin-a-mandolin-sunburst-t229069.html
  6. Perhaps the power will go out because it IS working...
  7. I have D'Addario nickel bronze 12-56 on my '48 LG-2.
  8. Never saw a 160e that didn't have trapezoid fretboard inlays
  9. He left us many great youtube videos to enjoy
  10. If ever I think I'm a bit too weird I just read this forum and feel ever so much better- thanks strangers for the lift
  11. And just now I fired up my Hauver blind Blake model dedicated to open D tuning to play "police dog blues"- the guitar sounded same throughout but I became more nimble through the challenging (to me) tune. It had sat unplayed last two days. Perhaps sonic beauty lies in the ears of the behearer (an old word I just made up)
  12. A good fr'instance is I just sat down with my national reso and things sound a bit awkward because I haven't played it since Thursday. But in a few minutes my bones and muscles will recall and limber up to things like slide feel and open tuning. "But that is a metal body!" thou doth protest...ah yes "same difference" I reply in true oxymoronic fashion. Wow that's a lot of words for me in one post ooofa
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