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  1. sorry I don't know how to embed youtube videos here and I really don't post often enough for it to matter
  2. here is the clip JT referenced in his above post -comments starts at 13:50 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYUglwhHpuw&t=12s
  3. For myself the refinish is a deal killer for a vintage guitar.
  4. Bad guess- I’m happy with my three ancient Gibson models. All I meant was…haters gonna hate.
  5. I have owned several Gibsons and still have three, all older than myself. Never heard a tone from one that I would describe as a growl or a snarl… I just call it a hollow tubby sound, the quintessential Gibson sound.
  6. To Paul Hipp RevLG2Tom: looked you up on Wikipedia and YouTube and it seems that you have had an interesting life. My favorite clip is “jesus never had a midlife crisis” it needs more lyrics! Congrats on the banner LG2.
  7. https://forum.gibson.com/topic/161214-gibson-pickguard-art-what-is-it/
  8. https://umgf.com/checking-the-finish-let-s-go-t206339.html
  9. Would like to hear someone elicit some subtlety from it apart from the constant thrashing in this instance.
  10. tried to do a deep dive for you- quite probably made in year 2000 before moving to Chinese production. Perhaps try contacting regal with your info https://www.sagamusic.com/products/guitars/regal/ It is a fine looking guitar, worthy of play. I have owned a 12 fret National style N for several years, and should you choose to replace biscuit and cone, best to find someone familiar and adept with the process, as it is easy to mess up the cone. Change one string at a time to avoid cone collapse...happy picking!
  11. not very popular on Martin forum either https://umgf.com/jeremy-the-guitar-hunter-on-umgf-t211068.html#p2580886
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